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Show History:

Since January 2018 Alma Matters Productions has produced Comedy Calorie, an ongoing series held at The Second City’s John Candy Box Theatre. Inspired by the conversations created from Birthday Cake, we wanted to extend this topic to the broader performing arts community. A night of cabaret, artists share their experiences with diet, weight and body image. Ticket sales are used to provide an artist honorarium with 20% of proceeds going towards Sheena’s Place, Ontario’s only nonprofit organization that helps people with eating disorders.
For more information about Sheena's Place, visit: https://sheenasplace.org/

January 29th
Amanda Cordner
Graham Isador
Becky Fallis
Hilary Ooos
Holly Wyder

June 28TH
Aaron Ranger & Ryan Sheedy
Clare McConnell
HotFace Improv
Jonathan Shaboo
Krystal Meixner
Sad Zumba (Cassie Barradas & Patricia Tab)

December 10th (Holiday Edition)
Andrew Lizotte
Erotic Friend Fiction
Great Dames Improv
Ian Mcntyre
Jessie Elgood
Ryan Dillon
Salma Hindy

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