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Winter of '88

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“I find 5N reviews the most anxiety-inducing to write, because if something is that good, it works as a whole so well that it’s hard to pick out one or two things. It’s the kind of show I leave and think, ‘whoa.’ This is that kind of show.” 

-Lisa McKeown, NOW Magazine

About the Production:

Alma Matters Productions supported the English world premiere of Winter of '88 at the 2020 Next Stage Festival. An award-winning meta-theatrical and autobiographical piece based on the playwright and director Mohammad Yaghoubi’s traumatic experiences of the Iran-Iraq war, the play is rooted in the guilt of surviving while witnessing many others who didn’t. Newly Translated from Farsi, Winter of ‘88 creates a window into the not-so-distant past; a window to the days when death was just around the corner, and even though many survived death, no one survived the trauma.

Widely recognized in Iran, Winter of 88 has been performed in Farsi by numerous Iranian Theatre companies. First directed by the playwright in 1997, the play won for Outstanding Writing, Direction and Acting at the 16th International Theatre Festival of Iran.

Mohammad Yaghoubi wrote this play because he felt that he owed it to the people who lost their lives. During an interview, he explains: “the fear and insecurity I felt in the winter of 1988 has followed me all through my life. I felt powerless and vulnerable. We just waited for death to come and there was nothing we could do. People were killed everyday and to this day, I still carry the sense of shame for those fleeting moments of joy after hearing any missile attacks, which meant I was alive, knowing others were dead. I survived the Winter of 1988 so I had to write about it”.The play portrays a war among the family members who are struggling with problems of their own, becoming victims to a bigger, more violent war simultaneously.

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Show Praise:


“Timely. Tragic. Powerful. Thank you Nowadays Theatre for such an incredible and powerful work!” Dreanne Kearney, Mooney On Theatre 

“Writer/Director Mohammad Yaghoubi offers up characters we can’t help but love and shows us their disarmingly banal, relatable squabbles.” Istvan Dugalin


“…The piece is filled with lovely heartfelt performances by a big range of actors. Everyone was great.” Megan Mooney, Publisher

Creative Team:

Director/Playwright: Mohammad Yaghoubi;
Translated by: Nazanin Malekan & Mohammad Yaghoubi
Edited by: Parmida Kakavand
Cast:  Aida Keykhaii, Amir Zavosh, Armon Ghaeinizadeh, Jonathan Shaboo, Parmida Vand, Sarah Marchand.
Lighting Designer: David DeGrow
Stage Manager: Whitney Hewitt
Assistant Director: Mahsa Ershadifar
Music: Behrang Baghaee
Make-up Artist: Mina Ketabian
Promo Trailer: Ali Mostolizadeh
Poster Designer: Saman Farzane