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Good Grief! 

A Double Bill Stage Reading

Originally scheduled to run May 27th-30th at Factory Studio Theatre, Alma Matters Productions is proud to showcase two new Canadian works: Cooking for Grief by Breanna Maloney and The Quantum Sufi-Mystic by Rouvan Silogix. While our double bill stage reading has been postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19, we are so grateful for the support our project has received so far. Scroll down to find out more about these exciting new plays! 


After a sudden death in his family, Rob is forced to come to terms with with his own identity and the actions that inform his role and character in society. Cooking for Grief explores familial relationships, toxic masculinity, and what it means to take ownership of one's actions. 

The Quantum Sufi-Mystic is an exploration of an immigrant story between a dying father from a culture passed, and a son at cross-roads. The piece explores death, loss, familial bonds, immigration, inter-generational dichotomy, and our purpose in this life. The father, in his last few days alive, seeks to impart his ancient Sufi knowledge to his son, who is stuck in an existential funk and a young-adult life-crisis.

Why these plays?

On the surface, these works seem like polar opposites: What might a play about cooking set in Hamilton, Ontario, share with Sufi Mysticism? Although these scripts are different in narrative structure, both Rouvan and Breanna have boldly and bravely chosen theatre as a lens to explore their experience with death, grief and loss. Specifically, these works centre around a young adult son reconciling with the sudden/imminent passing of their father. ​​​​​​​

Alma Matters prioritizes new Canadian works that challenge traditional theatre norms: While it can be a difficult subject matter, grief can also bring together healing and community. No one has to deal with grief alone. 


What's Next?:

Alma Matters is committed two producing these two new works as soon as is safely possible. Until then, our priority is supporting the artists involved. 

In February 2020, we launched a GoFundMe campaign to help cover a portion of the costs. In just 8 days, we managed to exceed our goal - all thanks to YOU! We are saving all donations for when they can be used to their fullest potential. If you would like to help fund our project and have a few dollars to spare, a little help goes a long way. Until we meet again, we wish you health, happiness and safety during this difficult time.

-Team Good Grief xo

Creative Team:

Playwright - Breanna Maloney
Performers - Anand Rajaram, Graham Isador, Banafsheh Taherian and Marina Gromes
Dramaturg - Merlin Simard.

Playwright/Director - Rouvan Silogix
Performers - Sepehr Reybod and Shawn Lall

Curator - Sarah Marchand
Promotional Video - Taras Lavren
Promotional Photos - Brendee Green