"We’re brought into this world by our mother hens, but how do we hatch when we’re left alone?"

About the Production: 

Alma Matters produced and co-dramaturged Life Psycho, an autobiographical piece created and starring Meggie McKinnon, Life Psycho made its premiere at the 2016 SOLOCOM Festival held at the People's Improv Theater in New York City.

Meggie, a curious young egg, attempts to go about her day like any other shiny shelled gal waiting to hatch. Interrupted by hilarious memories and the news of her mother's declining health, little Meg-Egg's incubation goes awry.

Performed through clown, story-telling and heart, the piece chronicles Meggie’s struggle accepting her mother’s terminal illness. Alma Matters raised enough funds to not only tour the show, but also for Meggie to visit her mom, who sadly passed away a month after the piece opened.

To learn more about Meggie McKinnon, visit her website at: